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Angelic Realm by Jeanne ChristieMy Story - Jeanne Christie

After many years of singing on stage in different acts and shows - can't HELP it, - ( IT'S IN THE GENES), as I come from a long line of vocal entertainers, going back to DAME NELLIE MELBA (an Opera singer) and VESTA TILLEY - ( who was the first Music Hall act to dress as a man!!) I suddenly started to write Spiritual- type songs.

Having written lots of pop songs over the years, I was quite surprised by the first one, IT'S YOUR ANGEL which is about your guardian angel.

Jeanne in Dinah and MiteAs my son DAVID is a great keyboard player and have worked with him on stage since he was 14yrs of age - he was a natural to play all the instrumentation.

He started working with me in an act called DINAH and MITE, during which a comedy spot consisted of me dressing in a grass skirt and giving coconuts to volunteers- for which I was christened the coconut girl!!

I had previously sung in LAWRIE ADAM'S Hawaiian Carnival show, along with the rest of a band called Rainbow Bridge. Interestingly, Lawrie is now a 'Very Reverend' clergyman at Liverpool Cathedral!

I had started out as a solo artiste using my middle name BEVERLEY, but when my 2 daughters LISA MOLYNEUX and LORI HOLLAND left bands that they were in (Studio 2000 and Missing Lynx ), one by one, they joined our family group GENETIX, in which we appeared on Les Dawson's Opportunity Knocks in 1990.Jeanne Christie as Tina Turner

Our group has now grown to 10, as we teamed up with other 'ex' band members of various groups from around Burtonwood and are now called AVIT! Lori also' deps' in the ABBA Tribute Band - VOULEZ VOUS - as does David occasionally.

The Spiritual songs, being a much different type of music to my Tina Turner impression!!!!, it was natural to have LISA, LORI and DAVID do the backing vocals. Also doing backing vocals on IT'S YOUR ANGEL and YOU ARE MY KNIGHT is my sister SUE SYKORA, who is half of the duo GLORY, who between them have produced a brilliant and distinctive sound and write and record GREAT Contemporary songs! The other half of GLORY, being her partner DUNCAN SYKORA who has done a great job of the guitar parts.

For whose time, input and TALENT, I'd like to thank all.

Jeanne Christie in GenetixThe song The ANGELIC INVOCATION ( Ee Nu Rah ) came about because I hChristine Parkerad read the words Ee Nu Rah, Ee Nu Rah, Ee Nu Rah, Zay Nu Rah and that they meant - 'angels, I come to be with you'. I thought it would be nice put to music, so have experimented with the backing vocals myself, to represent angels singing, for which YOU will have to judge for yourself if it has ' worked ', or not!!!!

The latest song, ( watch this space) is a HYMN TO THE ANGEL OF PEACE, which just ' flew off the pen'! ( hope it doesn't sound it !!!!!!), would be nice to hear children's voices on it, so I'm hoping to enlist the help of a school in Burtonwood!

I have always been interested in different religions and philosophies, but even more so when 5 close members of my family passed over within 5 years of each other. The most shocking being when I lost my lovely sister CHRISTINE PARKER, to cancer when she was just 40 yrs of age. ( She also sang and played guitar in a duo with Sue, - they were known as the MODELLES )

Jeanne ChristieMy interest culminated in going to learn how to do THERAPEUTIC CHANNELLING, which is similar to Reiki Healing, at the SEAN BRADLEY ACADEMY-, who has now set up the International TAU COMMUNITY ( check out his beautiful web site) for people who would like to see a better world! I owe much of my inspiration to him, and much to my long suffering husband JOHN, who has always been my best supporter AND soundman!!! In fact you could say that he's been 'THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS' aaaaghhhhh ( sorry about that one!!!!)

Many thanks go also to CAROL RENSHAW for her beautiful artwork-, to MIKE COOKE, for the great mixing of music,- and not forgetting SHANE EDWARDS, without whose help this web page would not exist. -

A member of the family who is pursuing a serious career in music is my nephew- SIMON POLLITT, a singer songwriter. Simon has now teamed up with Canadian Katie, and together they are doing great things -

Sign Jeanne Christie GuestbookI have more songs of a similar genre to record, so if you like what I have done up to now - KEEP WATCHING THIS SPACE!!!!


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