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My name is Simon Pollitt and my Auntie Jeanne has been kind enough to let me inhabit some of her cyber space. I am a performing and recording singer songwriter. This is my passion in life and the one thing I do that I know is just right for me.

With my music I think it is important to tell people what you have learnt and felt so they can find some comfort in the fact that maybe someone else has felt like they did. Someone once said to me that they liked my lyrics because they contain hope - this was a great compliment as I feel it is very important for me to communicate a positive way forward with life no matter where we find ourselves.

Anyway, to let you know what the reviewers are saying about my music here is a review from the magazine Guitar Lab:

"Scotland's Simon Pollitt has an incredible tenor voice that is part early Billy Joel and part James Blunt. It is perfectly showcased in his song "Effortlessly Fading", which is gently produced around the voice like American 1970's radio music. Truly Pollitt has an award winning voice on par with any American Idol or Eurovision winner. His songwriting does not disappoint, and his lyrics are like clever poetry in "This Is Where It Ends." In both "This is Where It Ends" and "My Year", his voice is almost Axl Rose from Guns and Roses, due to its strong pureness, yet there is no screaming. Mixed with acoustic guitar, drums, and bass, it's a virtual formula for great music. Pollitt is clearly one of the diamonds in the rough of Indie music. He has everything: strong songwriting, great professional production, and an unparalleled voice." (Queenie, Oct 06)

So what have I been up to? Here's the news in brief: I've toured the UK, including King Tuts, The London Garage, Liverpool Barfly, Manchester Roadhouse, The London Bedford and The Exchange Edinburgh. I have enjoyed airplay and features on Radio1, Beat 106, XFM, Storm Radio, and Wire FM/ appeared in Kerrang, NME, The Scotsman, Edinburgh Evening News and The List. I have supported The Stranglers, Rooster, Speedway, Nick Harper, Chris Difford (Squeeze), Grim Northern Social, 4 Star Mary and finally played the unsigned showcase for MTV Europe Music Awards.

I also feel it is important to work with charities as a musician. My charity is WaterAid (please visit The first project I worked on with WaterAid was a single download of my song: 'Don't Let a Second Bleed into Days'. This was released on the internet as a free download but with the option of making a donation on the WaterAid site. The track went right round the globe and WaterAid reported a swell in website hits around the time of the download. This was great news. Finally I have just finished a tour that raised awareness for WaterAid - email addresses were collected for WaterAid's database. The tour was a success and I will be planning another event with the charity soon.

Top of PagePlease checkout some of my music at: and don't hesitate to get in contact.

Simon has now teamed up with Canadian Katie, and together they are doing great things-

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