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Jeanne DrinkelIf you, like millions of others in our society today are looking for something other than the 'material world,' then , hopefully, you've come to the right place! Having had an incredible journey to the place where I am today ( and I don't mean physically ), I can bear witness to the fact that there is so much more to life than we can acknowledge with just 5 senses.

There exists planes and dimensions beyond our comprehension, and the only limits that exist in this universe, are the limits which we mistakenly either consciously or unconsciously place upon ourselves.

I have discovered that anything I ever truly wanted- I got eventually. Not always WHEN I wanted it, sometimes it seemed like eons later, and it wasn't always the best thing for me either, but you have to learn to distinguish what you want from what is good for you! You also have to have the right attitude as well- ie: no feeling sorry for yourself and you must put in a certain amount of effort towards visualising, manifesting and working to achieving your goal. If you do this, then 'wheels within wheels turn" to make it happen.

AngelSorry if I sound like one of those guys your company employs in order get you to work harder to boost their profits but I am talking about YOU doing something for YOURSELF!

You are not , and have never been alone- there are energies, call them angels if you will, who hear your prayers, if you approach them with humility , integrity and a true heart -and not forgetting an open mind!!

Everything is a giant jigsaw puzzle that all fits together, for example: horoscopes- we are affected by the alignment of the planets at the time we are born.

We live on a 'living' planet - for eg. - the soil gives life to plants which are fed and watered!
We call it 'nature' or 'mother Earth' , but it has to be 'living ' in order to support all of us who live here!
It's amazing when you stop to think about it! On this living planet we have to be affected by the magnetic pull of the moon, the tides cant resist it, so how can we?

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It has long been the culture in this this part of the world to either laugh at what we cant see or understand, or fear or ignore it! But if we just make the effort to try to be more aware of things around us that we take for granted, we find we can use them to our advantage. Just try asking the universe to find you a parking space- don't laugh! It works, I am speaking from experience here!

There are just too many co-incidences to be co-incidences don't you think?

Not too long ago we thought that a piece of wood was solid, then we discovered that it is made up of molecules, with gaps between them - who knows what exists between those gaps - another uni/multiverse like when we look into a microscope?

Top of PageWith an open mind ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!
It is only a matter of time before scientists prove that things which many people have seen, and the rest of us laugh at
such as fairies and UFO's- really do exist! If there is life on this planet- with the size of that universe out there, why wouldn't there be life on others? Some scientists are careful to state that 'life as we know it' doesn't exist on a certain planet- which leaves a great loophole- what about 'life as we don't know it'??????

I believe that our creator is the original re-cycler, the same molecules of water come down as rain now, as did after 'the big bang', the same molecules of earth exist, so, not for this reason alone, I believe that we have all lived 'previous lives'. It explains so many things, child prodigies, people who are born with past life memories, which are affecting their lives now! etc. etc.

Anyway, whatever You believe , and I am not here to be anybody's guru, or change anyone's religion, I know that this website and the songs which I have been writing would not exist, had I not been assisted by some very powerful 'energies'.

I hope that they bring the same peace and upliftment to your life, when you listen to the songs, as they have done to mine!