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The Tau Community of Saint Francis

We are a Family of like minded individuals who seek empowerment through Spirituality, Education and Training providing excellence, equality and respect for all who join our family of soul seekers in search of UNITY, PEACE, HARMONY, BALANCE and TRUTH.

As a family of committed Light Workers we share the same ideals, philosophies, spiritual values in an all loving, all embracing Father Mother God/dess that unites all of us as one community in providing high quality training, nurturing and support for all its members.

Our core values as a loving family of Light Workers is to share 'Love and Light' to all who seek our support by providing client led services that are all embracing, all loving and sensitive to the needs of our local communities and all who ask for our support.

Our members come from all walks of life and as a family we are totally united in our common purpose in providing services for Carers and clients that are non judgmental, all embracing regardless of Colour, Ethnicity, Disability, Sexuality or Religious Persuasion.

As a committed interfaith spiritual family we have all made an undertaking to support our new commitment as brothers and sisters sharing a common vision by forming the Tau Community for all Light Workers, Carers and like minded therapists to join our spiritual family, embracing the healing energies of the Angelic Realms; the Divine Feminine and Christ Consciousness underpinned by the Angel (Feng Shui) Bagua and the ancient teachings of the Nazarene Essenes.

Our vision is to share with you and others only the purest love from a heart of love. As Light Workers of integrity, we aim to Empower YOU embrace your inner essence as a child of Love and Light and together we can make a difference in a world that is searching for simplicity and truth!

The Family of Tau is an interfaith community open to all Therapists, Light Workers, Carers and like-minded persons who are searching for a spiritual pathway that is not a cult!

We have been guided by the Ascended Masters to reunite as a Spiritual family that is now fragmented by ego to practice Love and Light in our daily life. We have been instructed by Mother Mary to adopt the spirituality and core values of Saint Francis of Assisi who represented only Love, Peace, Integrity, Spiritual Freedom, Honesty, Harmony, Balance, Love for Mother Earth and the animal kingdom.

TheTau Community of Saint Francis

Top of PageWe are a Spiritual Family of like-minded seekers in search of Spiritual Truth. We consist of ordinary men and women who live simple yet ordinary lives, yet our daily lives are lived out in an extraordinary way by sharing a common vision for the total well being of our local community, our country and the wider global village. Our hearts are permanently fixed on sharing Love and Light through engaging in normal everyday activities. Our core values as a committed spiritual family empowers each one of us to make time for feeding and nurturing not just our mind and body but feeding spiritual food to our Spirit through quiet moments of silence and daily prayer either alone; with our loved ones, or with each other. We perceive 'Prayer' as anything spiritual that raises our consciousness to celebrate life and the sharing and exchanging of our love for each other with others in the presence of the 'I AM PRESENCE.'

Our Members are invited to embrace issues that affect each one of us on a global scale by sending out Love and Light. We are perceived as 'Spiritual Eco Warriors' re-educating society to respect the planet, a free gift to us from Source on a loan basis. Our core values are to address any imbalance in equality, peace, love, unity, harmony and hatred for another brother or sister. As members of the same global community, we have shared responsibilities to be 'spiritual advocates' and nurture Love and Light by sharing Love to all. When a brother or sister is in pain then we as one spiritual family are also affected both indirectly and directly!

Being a member of the Tau Community is joining a family of 'soul mates' that eventually become Friends for life.

We are not a religious 'cult' rather a unique experience of embracing a 'Spiritual Way of Life' that is all embracing and all loving, accepting each member as our teacher.

Joining our spiritual family is taking a step closer to being an enlightened 'Spiritual Eco Warrior' for Source, the Divine Feminine, empowering all Light Workers to meet the spiritual and holistic needs of a changing /faceless world that has lost sight of its Divinity, Purpose and Mission.

"Hold back nothing of yourself for yourself, so that he who gives
Himself totally to you may receive you totally." St. Francis.

On Graduation and final Auttunement Day, our Therapist's are presented with the Tau symbol to wear on their person to show the world that we are 'One Spiritual Family' in service with Mother Earth and all that serves the 'I AM PRESENCE,' promoting harmony, balance and divine connectedness within the family of Love and Light. We as an interfaith community of Light Workers and Carers can affect change only from within!

It has been prophesied that when everything is right with the New World and the energies and vibrations are high, people will tend to live in communities. Money will probably be a thing of the past and, as of old, the trades people, artists, therapists, etc. will share their gifts with others. Life will be lived peacefully as it was meant to be. People will not be lonely or greedy. The communities will be safe places to live and fellowship will be shared.

To learn more about the Tau Community, we invite you to contact us at:
The Hon. Membership Secretary,
Tau Community,
Chapel Gap,
Storth Road,
Cumbria LA7 7JL

Tel: +0044-(0)1524-762292


Top of PageThe Community's base is in Storth, south of Cumbria, England, where it is the home for a small international, inter-faith community of like-minded therapists who have committed their lives to being in service to Love and Light - the 'I AM PRESENCE, founded there in 2003 by ex nursing monk, Sean Bradley. Our members currently live out their calling in their own homes but reunite four times each year for support and training. The community has representatives in America, Madeira and Ireland. Our sole mission is to have a presence in every country where there is anarchy and where love is denied all.

This new family is committed to embracing spirituality 'Christ Consciousness', underpinned by the teachings of the Nazarene Essenes and St. Francis for a period of time or for their whole life, to spiritual sharing and to a great simplicity of life. Today, the community is made up of several therapists and lay members, representing members of the interfaith community in our society and whose ethos is to lead not by lofty words but by example and simplicity.

At the heart of daily life in the Tau family are two times of prayer individually or together when we are able to unite as one family. It is our common vision that as co creators of God, we have an important duty to care for our souls and each other, as we are all brothers and sisters of Christ. When a brother or sister is wounded or experiencing difficulties, we are all affected. Our way of life is greatly influenced by the teachings of Jesus and the Canticle of the Creatures by St. Francis. We have a duty to share and inspire others to respect the landscape, our free gift from God, by re-educating society to not exploit or destroy God's love gift. We know that the elements, seasons and Nature Spirits who have safeguarded the universe and our landscape since the very beginning of time are now in revolt with man for abusing that free gift. The climatic changes that are affecting our world are as a direct result of man's greed, abuse of power and total alienation from God. Man has stepped out of the divine plan and has jeopardised our very survival as a result of his disobedience to God's laws.

Mother Earth invites each one of us who work with the Divine to embrace her motherly love and be guided by the Elementals, Tree Devas and Nature Spirits. We as Light Workers are now inspired to redress this imbalance by challenging our civil leaders to adopt eco friendly measures that will safeguard our survival and protect the universe from being destroyed. It is in our best interest to take responsibility for our own actions and act in accordance with God's will for us, our family, our local community, our country, our world.

Each member who joined the academy, originally came to one of Sean's many workshops and immediately connected with his inimitable style. We knew that here was no ordinary man who sought the adulation of the ego but who lived and spoke truth from his heart. Curiosity got the better of most who came and wanted to know more about resolving long standing hurts that were as a direct result of living within a Christian family. We all felt a sense of disillusionment and betrayal by the Priests and Ministers who instead of representing God, represented their egos and generated a fear based religion that portrayed God as some tyrant. Through working with Sean we have found the contrary that what we were actually experiencing was religion that had lost its vision and what we were searching for was a simple spirituality that was not fear based but replaced by selfless, unconditional love and light. We have found that love in the academy where we have rediscovered a caring and loving family of like-minded brothers and sisters who accept us for who we are as a child of God. Unlike many other such organisations that provide training in holistic therapies for carers and therapists, the framework of support is based on Sean's years of working as a nurse in a profession that lost sight of the humanity of the carer and when that nurse became ill, they were statistic and discarded him as irrelevant.
As a group of student therapists we all joined the academy with 'excessive baggage' that was separating us from connecting with the Divine. Our personal relationships with family and spouses were causing most of us great emotional pain and we recognised that the vast majority of us were 'rescuers' demanding radical surgery to set us free. We soon recognised that we had some serious work to do before we could be let loose on our clients. Then our hearts were guided to seek out Sean and our journey to spiritual freedom began in earnest. We were each offered sanctuary at Chapel Gap in Storth, our spiritual home, and empowered to release all negative mind-sets that had infiltrated our mind, body and spirit separating us from our divinity.

Sean's teachings were all based on a more simplified life style that was greatly influenced by St. Francis and the orthodox teachings of Christ. We were empowered to acknowledge our inner core issues and release them to the Divine Mother in the presence of Christ who touched our hearts and set us free. Most, if not all of us have had to choose to leave our beloved Christian families and live in a wilderness of isolation that denied us personal growth and spiritual development. Our walk is now a spiritual pathway that is more open and receptive to clarity, simplicity and truth. The teachings that each one of us has experienced over the past several years have shown us the real importance that 'Prayer and Meditation' should play in our daily lives as Light Workers in service to the Christ healing energies. These were to become the sacred tools that would enrich our daily spiritual lives and instead of engaging with the dramas of the world, we were encouraged at every level of our training to send only love and light from our hearts.

In 1999, Sean was given a special gift from the Angelic Realms called the divine blueprint, the Angel Bagua that was to underpin the core values and teachings of all the therapists who came to work with the Christ, Magdalene and angelic energies.

Top of PageWe have all at some point in our lives been governed by our head that has denied us from living in the Now as free thinkers. Our lives were fear driven, which resulted in low self esteem; low self worth; lack of confidence in our ability to make a change; living in relationships that were destroying our very peace. Through the teachings of the Essenes, their daily affirmations have had a positive mind-set and reprogrammed our spiritual DNA. Now as one family who share one common bond and that bond is our commitment to spread love and light empowering many to reconnect with the Christ /Magdalene /Angelic healing energies and be set free to choose their spiritual pathway that will enrich their personal relationships with Source, the Divine Feminine and the Christ Consciousness. By demonstrating the ancient therapy of anointing the hands and feet of each other and of our clients, as demonstrated by Mary Magdalene, our teacher, we are connecting souls to the Divine through a simple act of 'Love thy neighbour as thyself' and in truth, demonstrating the core values of Christ's love for all who 'come and rest awhile' in service to the Father Mother God. The commandment or terms of engagement with God is to Love God in everything that lives, moves and has its very existence as emanating from Source.

When Sean, heard the words of Jesus to 'come follow me' it challenged him to search for his dream by entering a monastic community where he served God for 8 years of his life and another thirty eight years as a qualified nurse caring for the dying in different parts of the world.

Throughout his life, many came seeking support from Sean and often they were casualties of having lived in a religious family whereby they felt isolated by a teaching that was more head than heart, leaving them disenfranchised from God who was 'all love.' Church history played an all important part in trying to discern the voice of God and how one could make a positive change that would challenge religious leaders representing all of the creeds known to God to rethink their practices and practical teachings and come together as one family and praise the same true loving God. Over a period of time, many Christians and representatives from various other religions would come together say once or twice a year for a united service but nothing ever materialised in the form of one base for shared prayer. Sean had a vision that instead of each religion building more churches or temples to worship God that we re-unite and have many of one and the same place for shared prayer and divine activities.

Sean's dream proved to be the biggest and most difficult challenge of all by asking God to grant one simple request that God's family of believers would come together and worship the divine under the same roof thus eliminating the diverse choice of religious places of worship. Sean tried to emulate the teachings of Jesus in his personal and professional life by adhering to Christ's call, 'that all will be one and that we should praise the Father Mother God with one mind, heart and soul'.

Sean was aware of the many divisions within the family of God and the reluctance of religious leaders to leave their comfort zone and vacate a comfortable life. It left him painfully aware of the injustice that so called religion and their groups inflicted upon other believers who refused to adhere to their teachings. Each group looked suspiciously at the other and instead of resolving their differences through love and light, they generated a culture that was very much fear based and loaded with religious bigotry and hate that was to create a world where man's ego pushed God into the background.

Over the centuries, the early Fathers of Christianity together with the various leaders in other religious denominations have watered down and tampered with the original teachings of Christ to his followers. Man lost sight of the simple message of 'love thy neighbour as thyself' and instead of encouraging a simple belief in an all loving, forgiving Father Mother God, we have become disenfranchised from God through a negativism that has shackled the children of God resulting a fear based belief system that has eroded and corroded divine love and replaced it with a more head centred response. I believe that head = ego = anti love = antichrist = anti God.

Today, modern man is left with a legacy of spiritual impoverishment, confusion, resulting in chaos, daily struggles with tyrants who profess with their minds to love their God but in their hearts, they are far from Love and Light. Man's ego has played a crucial role in preventing the words of Jesus from taking root in their hearts. The world desperately needs leaders of integrity who are willing to face head on the evils of ego-based actions and attitudes that separate man from God. Those who have stood up to tyrants have always paid the price for daring to speak out for the marginalized in society. The Essenes were hunted men for their knowledge as was Martin Luther King and Ghandi, two of the great men of God who feared no evil.

Our therapists and students in the academy are equally challenged to reconnect with their hearts and embrace the Barefoot Galilean. Through a process of reprogramming one's spiritual DNA, based on the teaching of the Essenes, the Light Worker rediscovers their 'first love' the love of Source and are challenged to walk a different spiritual path that sets them free of ego and negative mind-sets allowing them to be not just exceptional therapists but more importantly, to be a people of prayer.

The work of the Sean Bradley Academy has at its roots the principle of empowering clients, therapists and carers to embrace their inner core issues and release them to the Love and Light of Christ in God. When we are asked what it is we do, we encounter rejection and fear can be detected in the eyes of the enquirer. When the name Jesus enters conversation, society automatically perceives that we are about religion and using brainwashing tactics. Nothing could be further from the truth. We represent spirituality (God's love for us in action) not religion (perceived as being man made and infused with EGO).

We take the words of Christ that challenged Holy Father Frances to embrace Love and Light that was to change his destiny forever! St. Francis used simplicity and love to spread a simple message that we are all children of the same God and that whatever we do in the name of that love, we will be protected and blessed by God. But if we step out of living and loving God we are not always be guaranteed that same protection. We are invited each day to re-visit our spiritual core values and choose the master we wish to serve. Is it our ego or is it our heart?

Our family of therapists and associates live a simple life based on the teachings of Jesus and St. Francis. These teachings have remained unaltered for centuries and many who have embraced them have found Nirvana - the God/dess within their higher self. Jesus said, 'That whatever we do in His name, we do unto God'. We are asked to come and see and be still in the beauty and silence of the moment and just be! Top of Page

So how do we achieve this divine connection? We do it through our daily prayer, our daily activities of living and remaining in the world but not of it! We make time to feed our mind, our body and our spirit through living a life that empowers us to self heal before healing others. Prayer plays an important aspect of our service to love and light. We connect daily with each other either in a group or privately in our own work places or homes alone or with family. We set our own rule of life to serve our highest good and the good of the community and society as a whole.

We know that prayer does move mountains and many obstacles are overcome for the Light Worker who places prayer on their 'daily to do list'. To detract from prayer is like having a limb severed. Prayer is the fuel that lubricates our higher self to reconnect with the Divine within and around us each day.
Our success is only as good as the members who remain active, alive and well in our groups. Each one of the members are invited to take back their personal power and are encouraged to use it effectively to rebalance the imbalances in our society through sharing and releasing love and light not judgement. Many are invited by Jesus and Mary Magdalene to come and join us as therapists but when they realized what is involved in acknowledging their inner core issues and personal involvement, they decide to abandon self healing and leave. It takes guts to stand and face one's 'shadows' each day, every day but through embracing a family of like minded Light Workers and supporting each other from a heart infused with divine love, the members are enriched to share their love with each other and provide a mechanism that is practical as well as deeply spiritual.

Our Aims and Core Values as a Family of Light Workers

To fully understand and comprehend the Aims of Tau, we need to reflect on who is the 'Wounded Healer'. Many people who have become therapists do so, because they genuinely want to help others; many come to train as therapists of the Academy because they have worked through healing themselves and feel they are in a position to help others. However, when we begin to help others, the healing of others naturally brings up unfinished business within ourselves. Unless we are fully aware of this, we can end up projecting our problems onto the already traumatized client /patient, sometimes in a very subtle way.

What has this to do with healers? Well, I believe that any agendas lying unanswered within a person may surface when treating a patient/client. I would say that all healers first and foremost duty is to their clients /patients, and to act with the utmost humility, compassion and ethics, understanding that their skills do not come from themselves, but from God. Then they have a duty to themselves to keep body and mind as pure as possible through right nutrition, right thoughts and right actions.

Maybe it seems a tall order, but when many lives are at stake, it is a necessary order. The world needs powerful healers who are in control of themselves and know who they are. Are YOU working from a safe place right now? If not, then maybe we can help each other to grow…

We achieve our aims by listening to the voice of Jesus, 'Love one another as I have loved You.' We do this by:

    • Sharing His love and light when we meet as one caring family of soul seekers in a community, the academy is made up of brothers and sisters who share one common goal. That goal is divine love rooted in the orthodox teachings of Jesus, the Nazarene Essene, underpinned by the ancient teachings of St. Francis and the Angel Healing Bagua.

    • Empowering each other to feel safe and loved as one family who care for the whole person.

    • Respecting confidentiality as sacrosanct.

    • Encouraging each other to speak one's truth from a place of love.

    • To observe negative voices that may colour one's judgement of a fellow therapist thus loosing out on their skills and gifts for the whole family. We are to eradicate discontent at grass roots level.

    • Embracing the Christ / Magdalene energies within each other through mutual respect and managing diversity with love not hate.

    • Supporting a fellow member /therapist who may have lost sight of boundaries in their relationships with each other and or, with their clients.

Tau Community
The Tau Franciscan Cross for Peace and Unity for all

Our Vision for the TAU Community

Currently, we have different types of membership depending on the availability and commitment of each new member to the Tau Community.

As a small band of caring therapists and Light Workers we are confident that OUR SHARED VISION of becoming kingdom builders -not kingdom wreckers by ignoring the plight of the our brothers and sisters in need; safeguarding the world and its survival from destruction because of greed and power; by ensuring we are all free to enjoy the free gift from The Father Mother God and Mother Earth. Our Shared Vision is embodied in the very prayer of St Francis:Top of Page

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy;

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

A part of that shared vision is to:

1. Obtain Charitable Status for the community within the next 2 years.

2. Locate a suitable property here in the south Lakes in a tranquil, rural location that will support a small community of brothers and sisters to live out the Gospel of Love, Light and Peace supported by the members to run retreats, provide support for therapists and carers in need of counselling, support, respite, healing courses and therapies.

3. Centralise our courses and healing workshops at the Tau Centre.

4. Foster relations with eco friendly groups and promote recycling in the local community.

5. Establish Tau communities across the world.

How to contact us:
The Hon. Membership Secretary,
Tau Community,
Chapel Gap,
Storth Road,
Cumbria LA7 7JL

Tel: +0044-(0)1524-762292
Top of Page Email: