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Channeled Messages


Channeled from Michael to Yvonne Chiocchi

You Are All Brothers Living Under The Same Sun.
Different Colours, Creeds And Customs, All On Earth Under The Same Sun And Moon.
Man Has His Own Religion, Beliefs And Ideas Of How To Worship.
You All Speak To The Same 'One God'
You All Come To The 'Same Spirit' Level And Stand Next To One Another.
All Reunited In Warmth And Love Of Meeting Again
Loving , Embracing In The Joy Of Friendship.
Man Must Open His Heart To All,
Love, Share Each Others' Beliefs, For You Will Be Enlightened In The Knowlege
You will learn.
Man Must Strive To Overcome The Indifferences He Has To His Brothers While On The Earth Plane.
This Is The Way Your ' God ' Would Ask From You

''Love One Another As I Love You''
Speak My Words In Love!


Channeled Through Yvonne Chiocchi from Marcus

The Wonder Of Life Begins At Birth.
There Is Wonder All Around As Life Progreses.
Childhood, Adolescence Are The Learning Years, And If Lessons Are Learnt,
Then Adulthood Can Be Wonderous Years.
Children Are The Men , Women Of The Future And Therefore, Must Be Loved
And Cherished. Helping Them To Grow Wise With Your Knowlege.
They Need A Happy And Loving Home For Them To Achieve The Stability
That Is Needed To Form A Good Foundation For Thier Future.
There Is Need For This To Be So , For If Love And Peace Are Taught,
The Child Will Grow Into Adulthood With No Thought Of Warfare In His Head.
The Chain Must Be Broken, Peace, Not Warfare Must Be Shown.
Once Warfare Has Been Eradicated 'Earth' Will Be The Wonderous Place It Once Was.
Peace Throughout The Land, No Hatred, Only Love.Top of Page
With These Words I Say

Archangel Michael asks that I send out this reminder of his teachings........

The 'Mirror of Consciousness'

You look into the mirror through the eyes of perception.

All that you see through this lens, is an illusion that has no basis in reality.

Perception is an act of discernment

Discernment is an act of judgement

Illusion is a false impression

Reality is infallible!

When you look through the mirror of your consciousness and only see GOD.

This is the perfect vision beyond the third dimension.

Look not into the mirror for your salvation.

Do not get lost in the labyrinth or you will chase your tail.

Go with the flow and raise the sail.

Look into your heart it is here that you will find the portal to your soul.

Let your sacred hearts beat as one, all of you is love.

Let go of the darkness and let the pain slip through your fingers

like grains of sand on the palm of your hand.

The fourth dimension is calling you to raise your consciousness and surrender that which no longer serves you.

Transcend and you will transmute your light body frequency.

Come hither, we will lead you by the hand the octaves are subtle

they make a gentle sound see the colour of the waves as you are saved.

You have seen the signs the writing is on the wall, you have received the call.

The fifth dimension awaits you like a candle in the wind, the light is before you.

There is nothing to fear, you will not be allowed to fall.

The paradise that you seek, is here within, ascend again.

Archangel Michael, 2001


Top of PageI Archangel Michael, have been listening to the conversations and have heard your thoughts these last few months, many of you are making marvelous breakthroughs and some are struggling to make a leap in consciousness, much has been said about the planetary activity but here I wish to talk to you personally.

For it is the progress and healing of the individual that will culminate in the healing of your planet. When you have walked in the shoe's of the person that you observe only then will you know truth from their perspective. Sometimes it is best to keep your observations to yourself, because your conclusions come from your lens of perception that is an illusion that as no basis in reality. Only by treading the same footprints can you truly know what it is like to be the person that you observe. Only when you have lived their pain, struggles and experience can you ever comprehend who they truly are and appreciate what motivates them. Everyone has a unique journey and it is vitally important that all people honour each other as sacred beings. For it is in so doing, that you honour oneself and God.

When you respect and value yourself then you will respect and value others strengths and weaknesses. When these virtues are in place within you there is only one observation and that is divine love. You see all through the eyes of love and compassion. You see only positivity and act with the same humility and reverence that a mother gives to a new born child.

You hold each soul in your hand, you can mark them like an exam paper or you can embrace them with your love in thought, word and deed Thoughts create words these can manifest as a blessing and a present to the recipient or a kick in the face. Which would you prefer to receive? Consider this before you communicate your observations. Words can heal or destroy do you choose a planet filled with divine love or destruction? Always remember that your decisions are creating your karma. Consider this carefully, please create a world filled with presents and then your blessings will fall from heaven. For there is no time like the present moment to claim your birthright of blissful happiness and peace for all human kind.

Are you right or wrong? Does it really matter? Consider what is really important. Is it winning an argument or making a point? Ask yourself why do I have the need to react and respond? What is my intent? What is really going on with me at a deep core level? When you cease to observe yourself in a negative way then you cease to do that with others.

Do you sprinkle petals of love or sand and water that turns into cement creating a block? Are you provocative or reassuring to be around? Lost or found? One can tell by your sound. Are you the clown with the frown or an angel with the wings of a dove filled with love? If you wish to observe, then observe what and how you co-create everything that happens in your life. Take responsibility for the sound that you impart.

Is the sound of your words like a love song that can be played upon a harp for the ears of angels? Does the harmony synchronise like an orchestra creating a symphony that resonates with sensitive ears or are you playing the same old record which as been scratched many times. Negative vibrations disharmonises the energy system your own and those that are hearing your tune. You are the conductor of your life, how do you wish to play it? Love and peace or war and struggle?

Accept yourself as a cosmic miracle and then you will accept all others in the light of God. You can then wear your crown with the knowledge that you are truly a sovereign, self mastery ensures that your shining light emanates throughout the planet and this pulls towards you; the power of the universe to assist you to complete your mission on Earth.

How would you like to be observed? Top of PageRemember observations are created by thoughts these thoughts create your own karmic patterns and repeating cycles. Be gentle with yourself and others as God is gentle with you.

Dictation received 2006 Archangel Michael