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Angels for hope

As you may have noticed, apart from writing songs which are inspired by the Christ/Angelic energies, under the therapeutic section of this cyber-space, I mentioned that I also practice and teach a therapy which relies on angel power to channel the christ energies. These energies are very beautiful and powerful and have enhanced my life immeasurably!

If you have any questions about this therapy which is similar to Reiki Healing, please feel free to email me at Amarnacenter @

Sadly, Angels have been very neglected by orthodox religions and it's only really at Christmas that they are brought back into relief, as they herald the birth of the Christ child.
However, with the translation of the DEAD SEA SCROLLS in the 1940's, it became apparent that the Essenes (who were therapeutae, having received the information from Moses) communed with different Angels, 3 times per day. (Please see the Essene Communions under the Spiritual section of this website)

Therefore, not only do Angels truly exist, but they are only too willing to help us in our everyday lives!

Below are a small example of beautiful angel pictures, which were painted by several of my friends, Alison Knox and Carol Renshaw.

Okapia Angel Cards - Watercolours
The angels come to be with you - through and with the purest essence of love. They are painted through the heart by Okapia and designed to touch the soul of who you are and awaken you to be truly yourself. To bring harmony to the physical body, emotional body, thought body and spiritual body through the colour that they emit. Each angel brings a blessing to all those who see. They send a message, especially for you:

Okapia Angel Cards - Watercolours

Carol is an inspired, talented artist who painted the angel on the c.d cover and you can see more of her beautiful work by visiting her website at

Angelic Realm CD cover

Angelic Realm CD cover was designed by Carol at Okapia for Jeanne Christie

Angelic One
for YOU are

Feel the inner peace blossom and rise from the fullness of the innocence of your Divine essence
Feel the Love and peace flow through each cell, each atom, each molecule of You
Feel the waves that engulf; the loving flow of the All
Breathe deeply from the heart and Feel
Feel the depths of truth

Be at peace and surrender to You, the God in You, the infinite Love of your being
Surrender in Joy to the beauty that surrounds and is within, for it abounds
Surrender to the stillness, the silence, the serenity, the peace
Surrender with Love and through Love
Let go to the Love of All

Be that which excites the heart
Be that which lights the soul
Be true to the infinite You
Be at One and Be All
Just Be

The pureness
The essence
The All


Top of Page Be All that You are…and fly!

Alison Knox

  Angel by Alison Knox

Alison is a very talented and inspired artist who specializes in painting beautiful angels - above is a slection of her different sized canvases and cards, please visit her website.

Web address:

'Angels for Hope'-

Members crochet angels to send to people who need them!

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